Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Distribution Point Dashboard Reports

 Latest version is 0.5
(to update just rerun the script with the "-overwrite $true" parameter)

June 27 - have made some small adjustments to the reports.
  • The color rule for the package error was wrong ,it's now fixed.
  • Added Package type to the details report. 
June 21 - Configmgr have skewed the dates by one day ,have corrected the dates in the query.

Had some trouble with content distribution to my distribution points last week. The patch Tuesday update package had failed to distribute to two of my DP's causing some clients to fail on installing patches.
The problem solved itself after some time,but it gave me an idea of a Distribution Point Dashboard, similar to my OSD Dashboard. The though is to have a single pane of glass to quickly give the information i need about my distribution points.

This is the result. as you can see I'm of the monochrome colour scheme for now, It's summer ,time for some more color!

Distribution Point Dashboard & Distribution Point Group Dashboard

Distribution Point Details

In the zip file you'll find a script to upload the reports and three reports in a sub folder. If you run the script with only the webservice parameter i'll upload the reports to ../Larsen Reports/Distribution Point/ folder and change the data source to your Configmgr Server

 & '.\Upload Reports v3.ps1' -webServiceUrl http://yourreportserver.fqdn

(Read more about the script and additional parameters here)

About the reports

DP and DP Group Report are almost the same ,the only difference is the controls. If you only have a few distribution points or you don't use distribution point groups ,go ahead an use this one.
If you have many distribution points the DP Group Report is a better choice, it allows you to first select a distribution point group and then select DP's from that group.

The Reports have a "Visual Limit" of about 10 DP's. The report will still work, but the graph might not be very readable with stats for 200 DP's on it:-)
The main part of the report is usage reporting for the DP's, but bellow that there a summary where i tried to show some useful info about the distribution points, like package status ,installed features and disk usage.

DP Details is as the name suggest for displaying details for a single distribution point. Displays a lot of the same information as the two others ,but it has details for all the packages on that DP. The Packages are sorted so that any problems are at the top.
It's linked up as a sub report for the two others ,but it can be run stand alone also.


Have had this report for two days and already it's paid of
  • Found out that a few of our DP's where running low on disk space  
  • One of our very remote Distribution Points had 6 packages that where "failed" and one forever "in-progress"
  • Our Endpoint Protection signature package was well overdue for a cleanup ,it contained 1732 files and was 2GB in size!!

If this report helped you spot and solve some problems/errors ,post bellow.

As always ,post questions and comments bellow and if you like this report feel free to spread the word on Twitter ,Facebook and so on:-)


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  2. First, Great reports! They will most definitly come in handy!

    Just found a minor issue with the upload script, if you are using named instances in SSRS (as we do) the script will fail and you have to edit the script with the full path to your webservice. Once I did that everything worked nicely!
    (I need to use Http://reportserver/Reportserver_INSTANCENAME/ReportService2010.asmx?WSDL)

    1. Good tip.
      I'll see if i can add some checks for this in later version of the script.

  3. Looking good as usual! Thank you.

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  5. Awesome reports and good job, thank you!

  6. what a great report! Thank you it is very useful

  7. Amazing! Excellent work! Works really well.

  8. Thanks Larsen
    superb Reports , please share if you have more custom reports for patching,sw deployment.

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  10. Great reports, we have found them very useful!

    I did have this idea for a report, although maybe it already exists and I'm just missing it.

    Looking for a report that will list all packages across all DPs and indicate which DPs have which packages, something similar to this:

    App/Package/Update Name DP1 DP2 DP3
    Server 2008 Updates.............X......X
    MS Office 2012.....................X...............X
    Config Manager Package.....X.......X......X

    1. Gah, that didn't come out right, essentially The X marks are supposed to be under the DP where the package/etc exists.

    2. Like this?
      Created this kind of view for this report(s) ,but i didn't include it in the end.

    3. Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for!

    4. Here: https://docs.google.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0B3gSJUbrB2yjYW5MOEdETk4zZ00&export=download

      Try it out ,changed the colours to make it look like the others.

  11. Hi Thomas when will you be releasing some more awesome reports

  12. I run the report, I can get my dp names and groups to select so the datasource was changed correctly. But as far as unique clients and GB downloaded e.g. ... I only see "0". what am I missing?

    1. hmm ,check that your "v_DPUsageSummary" view has data (select top 200 * from v_DPUsageSummary)

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  14. Great ! Very useful !
    But I have a question. Some DPs "no data available" in the graph but they are in the table.
    Do you know why ?

  15. Excellent reports / dashboards ! Great job Thomas !

  16. this is really amazing, don't know how to reward Thomas for such a great job

  17. Hi Buddy,
    Outstanding reports, any idea why Package distribution status is not showing any data what so ever?

  18. Any way to add in for DP Details the Schedule? Example we only allow distribution from 10pm to 5am. This is a pain to look at 50 some DPs to make sure that schedule is set.

  19. Great report! How can I change it to report a years worth of data or a specific date range?

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  21. i am clicking on URL to download the Ps1, it's giving an error "We're sorry, but you do not have access to this page."

    How i can access this URL, please provide your suggestions.